Is Your Company Ready for the “Consequences” of Building an App? (Part 2)

Yesterday we discussed the first of three real-life consequences that we’ve seen happen to our clients’ businesses after releasing a strategic software product. The first consequence was that after an application release, your sales employees and sales team may become drunk with the realization that they now sell a SOLUTION and not a widget. This will cause pride in their company and an explosion of sales activity.

Today, we explore the second consequence of application development and that is the realization of and hunger for disruptive competitive advantage.

Competition is real across all industries. In some cases, cutting prices and discounts is the only way to win customers. But you’re smart and you know that this is a race to the bottom. So what’s a company to do? How do you find competitive advantage in your industry? Especially a mature industry where the game (and the rules) are already in play? That’s the perfect opportunity to change the game by developing software. You identify a hole in the marketplace and decide to capitalize not by going head to head, but by leap-frogging. You realize that your competitors are all fighting a winner-less battle and you are opting out. Thanks, but no thanks. You’re moving your company’s focus and business processes to strategic technology integration. You’ve begun to realize there is no END to what you can create in this new, digital arena and the ideas will blossom.

A thing to be aware of as you begin to realize this particular impact is that your competitors will develop a new interest in your company. They will be crawling ALL over your stuff and trying to make their own version of it. We’ll know this because. Data. Don’t let this discourage you. They are afraid of you and are trying to figure out what you’re doing. Let them try. This will only serve as fuel for your competitive fire…which may lead to the third consequence – your company culture will change. Big time. More on that tomorrow!

If you are an executive or sales director of your company and are looking for your product development partner, I’d love to sit and scheme with you about how to make this consequence a reality in your company. Holler at me at

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