Jayme Thomason’s Agency Rebrand Focuses on Building the Best Applications Around

July 16, 2018 – Kansas City, Missouri

Jayme Thomason, a widely-known Kansas City technologist, has officially launched her agency’s new brand, Built Well Studio, www.builtwellstudio.com. The decision to rebrand, with the focus on application development, is driven by Thomason’s decade of marketing and software product strategy, combined with the Kansas City market’s need for high-quality, top-performing web and mobile applications.

Built Well Studios is founded on the principle of development done right. The creative, invested and strategy-driven team at Built Well creates unique and purposeful websites and applications while making the process smooth and efficient for their clients.

When asked about the transition, Thomason explained, “Quality application development is the reason we exist. So many of our clients have ended up with bad software, or worse, no software at all. We believe in proper planning, purposeful design and clean code to produce applications that stand the test of time.” She went on to say “getting your application built should be an exciting experience! We try to keep our sights on our clients’ experience throughout. From the up-front way we price our builds to the well-thought-out process we use to deliver the products, we aim for an experience as high quality as our apps.”

Even though Built Well Studio is a new name and new brand, Thomason and her team have been building applications and websites since early 2016. With their combined 41 years of strategy and development experience, the Built Well team has experience navigating all types of builds – from simple to complex. “When you get right down to it, the quality of your build is dependent on the team of people, processes that play to their strengths and giving people freedom to do their best work,” Thomason stated. “This is the culture we’re building at Built Well Studio – our best work, every time, for every client.”

The application development company is based out of Kansas City, but works with people throughout the Midwest and the coasts. Project specialties include client-managed websites, Android applications, iOS applications and web applications. Build projects kick off monthly and delivers full applications quickly. If you’re ready to see your application come to life, tell us all about it and request a product advisory meeting at www.builtwellstudio.com.

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