Our work


Grease Monkey

Web App for Schier Products


A tool for engineering. A tool for sales.

Grease Monkey is a configuration tool that for engineers designing commercial grease trap systems. It lets engineers easily determine what grease interceptor product and accessories they need for their jobs.

We saw an opportunity here beyond just developing an online tool.


We saw Grease Monkey as the next level in lead generation.

After gaining valuable feedback in an industry-first, proprietary sizing tool web application, we began the build of Grease Monkey 2.0.

In addition to previous functionality, this version, launched in March 2018, boasts the ability to create a user profile and save sizings for future reference or use, the opportunity to conduct a quick sizing and a polished user interface.

These additions help engineers easily determine what interceptor product and accessories they need for their jobs.

Grease Monkey uses Schier's grease production sizing method to determine real-world demand based on volume and food type all while adhering to UPC guidelines.


Closing the loophole and expanding Grease Monkey past a sizing tool for engineers into a sales opportunity for Schier was complete in V2.0 with the addition of the Administrator's portal. Schier Administrators conduct preapproval, in which experts double-check user's inputs and confirm local code approval for the specified grease interceptor. When pre-approval is selected, Schier Administrators now have expanded functionality to leave notes and comments about sizings, edit sizings, view PDF print outs, and even create a Jurisdiction profile to store information about city ordinances for the various jurisdictions with which they communicate.


Grease Monkey ROI

Schier has experienced exponential payoff.

By figuring out the organization's lifetime value of each engineer, we determined that:

Schier make back their build investment with 38 users.

Within three months over 575 engineers across the United States had created a Grease Monkey profile.


Schier Genius

Mobile App for Schier Products


Sales Training of the Future, Today.

Schier Genius was built with one thing in mind - to expand upon and confirm product knowledge in an industry controlled by jurisdictions and city codes. With each quiz containing ten questions on a variety of topics, Schier can ensure that their external sales staff obtains ever-changing information in a gamified, fun way.

Boasting an easy-to-use interface for all ages, Schier Genius is available on both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Schier's leadership already has big plans for the future of the application and we can't wait to be their partner.


After testing other gamified learning management solutions on the market, it became apparent that Schier needed a custom application to help expand their external sales staff's knowledge.

Schier Genius mobile app login screen

Users can go back and review past quizzes to read the question, incorrect answer options that the user selected, the correct answer, and the trivia associated with each question.

Schier Genius mobile app dashboard screen

A quick glance at the home screen shows users how many quizzes they have open to take. Each quiz contains ten questions and multiple quizzes will be rolled out at once for the busy salespeople to take at their leisure.

Schier Genius mobile app leaderboard screen

The leaderboard shows how many points each user has and where users are in relation to other sales companies. Not only does this promote healthy competition, Schier uses this data in quarterly reviews with each sales company and gives away sweet prizes to top performers.


When the user answers the question correctly on the first try, they earn 3 points. If they answer it correctly on the second try, they earn 2 points. Answered correctly on the third time earns the user 1 point. Schier wanted to incorporate this answer tracking rather than giving just one right/wrong opportunity because some answer options are similar - they believed giving multiple opportunities would give users the chance to thoroughly analyze the similar answer options.






Hedge Combinator is poised to become the first incubator for hedge funds.

Their founder, a veteran Wall Street hedge fund manager, needed a site that to begin the search for investment partners. Given the high stakes involved, it was essential for the site to strike the right balance between professional and high-tech.

Oh - and it needed to be done fast.


3 weeks, start to finish.

The client came to us with an idea but needed help creating branding, a site design, and building the site. We understood the tight turnaround time and said “no sweat”.

  • We rapidly iterated through design concepts until the client was ecstatic.

  • We built on squarespace to make the site easy for the client to update.

  • We wrote CUSTOMIZED THE SITE WITH css to ensure it stands out from squarespace’s templates.

  • To move fast, we built the site and refined the design in parallel.

On time - and on budget - the site was ready.